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Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Abundance has been one thing that I have been bringing into my space over the third lockdown. If I am honest, I found it tricky at first to value my worth once I had started the business and lockdown hit like a brick. I am only accessing this power now.

Now, I see that Abundance is something you tune into rather than set out in purpose to conquer like a mountain, I have always been interested and dabbling with meditation and it was the teachings of the late Wayne dyer that first sparked my interest many moons ago. Only now I see his wisdom through my own, through living into it.

‘’Abundance is not something we acquire; it is something we tune into.’’

Wayne Dyer

Tuning in to the Abundance around me not only in the space of finances and work but in abundance of the heart has helped me to understand much more what Wayne meant.

We must tread the path to abundance, feel its weight and know that we are worthy of it. Accept it with a full heart, not make things mean something, be generally chilled and certain enough that things will work out well.

I also love the work of Charles Eisenstein who talks a lot about coming from a place of scarcity and lack, that this is the very separation that we all feel each day, this anxiousness that one will never be, do or earn enough. It creates the very opposite of abundance, as we scrabble around for the scraps of scarcity.

Once we come from a place of re-connection abundance will flow and form. Maybe not as you ask or try to of it at first. In the act of letting go and tuning in to the flow of abundance

Now this may sound like a whole bunch of old tripe to many, and I get that, I have rolled my eyes before myself, hell sometimes I roll my eyes at myself. However, there is a power to the ideas that I cannot ignore. A re-connection with each other and nature that I hadn’t fully seen or felt until this year.

Nature is abundant without trying, it knows it will live and it will die, it will flow, and it flows with the abundance on its journey. Looking at living systems asks us to look at the way we flow in life, to embrace that there are times for sowing seeds, times for latency and times for flourishing. Working with living systems has really had me stand up and understand that I have enough and can create within the guise of the living systems in a modern way.

I am creating some projects and full businesses within the space of the regenerative and I would love to share this with anyone who feels that there is a better more life affirming way to structure not only our businesses but our lives and communities. That breeds this natural abundance, this infinite loop.

I certainly am not going to go back to running around London like a crazy person – there are days for that for sure & I love an event. Yet for me this is not something that appeals to me every day anymore. I create abundance in that I can choose and will choose how to live out my life, who I choose to do that with and where I choose to do it.

I Shared this on the Campfire session on Tuesday, It has been a great space to stretch my innovation and ecosystem thinking. Thanks to Alex Papworth for being an amazing grounding force in my world.

I am looking to start a fashion campfire to discuss the regenerative and living systems thinking in the context of fashion. I would love to invite you in to look at how you create not only abundance for yourself, but your teams, business and family looking through a living systems focused lens.

Yours Collaboratively,

Rachel Sheila Kan

Founder of Circular Earth and the Ecosystem Incubator.

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