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A year for Sowing seeds,

I wanted to end the year being grateful for 2020, it allowed me to sow new seeds for the future, I acknowledge that some seeds will grow into amazing huge trees, even forests and some might well never come out of the ground.

I have been nurturing my seeds – some have started to grow, some are tiny little thoughts and ideas.

I have been lucky enough to have the luxury of some space and time. I joined the Cambridge leadership course and loved every second of it. The learning journey continued, and I found Regenerative leadership and the online Journey. I am keen to place more of the regenerative into what I do as I grow and evolve.

Working on Webinars linking with Wondr, Fashion Revolution, Ethical Brand Academy, Ethical Hour and Ethical Fashion events.

I loved listening in on the Make it British event earlier in the year

Thank you to my clients and collaborators. My students, my ex colleagues and new working relationships formed through networking and courses.

I am looking forward in 2021 to gathering the cohort for the start up strong in sustainable fashion course with one to one coaching.

Im also building a crowdfunded with a collaboration in Chile - bringing recycled post consumer waste hand knits to the UK.

Finally I am very much looking forward to continuing to build the consultancy & create the ripples and waves of change needed to transform our industry from within.

I am ready to take the next stages to creating a forest, next stage is healthy saplings

Happy new year, 2021

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