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About Circular Earth

Sustainable Fashion Consultants & Coaching

Circular Earth Fashion Sustainability Co

At Circular Earth, we understand that change is not always easy.  Founded by Rachel Sheila Kan, we are an ecosystem of consultants that collaborate to nurture sustainable change within the fashion industry.

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Rachel Sheila Kan

Founder & Ecosystem Facilitator

I am Rachel, I have been a designer & design manager in the commercial fashion industry for over 20 years. I have been working within sustainability for the last 3 plus lecturing in sustainability and ethics in business. My down to earth style is always welcomed, It's often said that my get the job done attitude is refreshing in our industry.

I have always worked in a very hands on way throughout my career, I learnt about fabrics very early on as a merchandiser approving fabrics & always understanding the technical processes behind the art. I was launched into flying over the world to factories and doing business with them from the early days of my career until now. Understanding the supply. chain and how to work that within a critical path. Later leading to Brand development and design management.

One Smart Network


Find out more about Rachel Sheila Kan at One Smart where you can find her and other smart individuals doing great things in the world.


Rachel is passionate about continuous learning and sharing her knowledge with others on their sustainability journeys. She has a wealth of knowledge gained through her study of fashion design and textiles at De Montfort University, and her participation in the Cambridge Institute Sustainability Leadership journey.  

In 2020 she also completed the Regenerators Journey to discover the contemporary and ancient wisdom needed to facilitate organisations heading towards systemic change and regenerative futures. 

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