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Christmas !!!

It is time to use the C word - shhhhh - Its Christmas soon..

Now I know myself sustainable people are REALLY hard to buy for ! I am one of them .. If your loved one is in the very small niche of creating a sustainable fashion brand - then I have a few solutions

1 - If they are a start up with no experience in industry or a student that needs a lift onto the sustainable fashion wheel - choose our course - which is 10 pre-recorded sessions now ready to go when they are .. with a one to one live session with me.

2 - If they have been working on their brand already and need accessible consultancy and well a helping hand troubleshooting, creating business or in new regenerative & Circular structures. Access our 6 month program. 3 one to one calls per month and what’s app troubleshooting.

Enjoy the season of goodwill knowing that the ripples that you will create in someones life, business and indeed the ripples created with the creation of that brand or transformation will be much longer lasting than a pair of socks.

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