Sustainable Showcase

As part of our collaboration network with The Ecosystem Incubator we build with brands and boutiques to make sustainable fashion showcases.. so that boutiques can try on our brands in their shops.

The next Showcase is November 25th in Weybridge 23Q shop on Queens Road in Surrey 

With a further December shopping date on December 9th & 10th 


Beyond Retro - London

Rachel Sheila Kan will be speaking at Beyond Retro in London on December 5th on the discussion panel around circularity.

Join us for a discussion on how our buying choices can have a positive impact on people & planet, with cross industry experts in hospitality and sustainable fashion sharing the conversation. Ft. Anti fast fashion activist & designer @nokiofficial, Circular fashion expert @Rachelsheilakan, and our very own sustainable fashion aficionado, @Hugo_harris, plus host and founder of Wrestling Demons, @alexfatho

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Exhibition of Natural Fibres

Hosting the regenerative space

We will be there with The Ecosystem Incubator to share and showcase regenerative structuring and living systems thinking in fashion. December 4th at Kingsley Hall E3 London.


VIP Launch Party

20 Year Anniversary

Black tie event to showcase our partnership with the SimonX group. Sharing all the projects under our umbrella and a host space to network and work towards collaboration with The Ecosystem Incubator.